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Products to Help Dispense Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Products to deploy your rinse free hand wash Now that you’ve got our Rinse-Free Hand Wash Gel and Rinse-Free Hand Wash Spray, you need a way to use it! Below you will find links to some great products that can help dispense our Gel and Spray onto your hands and surfaces, where they can do their job. Essentials by Catalina offers you the… Read More »
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Introducing Our Sprayable Rinse-Free Hand Wash Base

Introducing a new and innovative way to keep hands clean. It’s ready to bottle and easy to add to your product line. Our Sprayable Rinse-Free Hand Wash Base is our twist on rinse-free hand washing. Simply spray your hands clean with this new base and say goodbye to goopy, drippy gels that leave you flailing… Read More »
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Proper Hand Washing

There has been much confusion as to what to do to protect ourselves from getting sick. Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs in most situations. That’s right, Soap. We are in no way offering medical advice, merely passing on the information found on the Centers… Read More »
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How To Make CBD Face Serum 2020

Interest CBD-infused products is currently huge and, and will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2020 as legalities are slowly but surely sorted out. In this post, we will explain how to make CBD face serums using our bases as a starting point.  Creating your own CBD-infused skincare line has never been easier!    3 Types… Read More »
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Valentines Day Heart Bath Bomb

Nothing says “I love you” like a Valentines Day Heart Bath Bomb. These cute bath bombs pack a powerful punch when it comes to creating product made specifically for spreading the love to that special someone. Bring festive Valentine’s Day favors to your shop with these heart-shaped bath bombs. These romantic bombs are a perfect… Read More »
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Market Trend: Massage Oil Demand doubles In February

Massage oil demand tends to be a specialty category, specifically for massage therapy and spas. However, once a year, the demand for massage oil spikes. Mid-February holds the holiday that makes lovers think of ways to be intimate with their sweethearts. As a personal care brand, you can take advantage of this seasonal market trend.… Read More »
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Organic Coconut Milk

We recently stopped the use of whole cows milk in our Creamy Milk Face and Body Wash and have replaced it with Fair Trade Organic coconut milk. This new switch is now vegan friendly. Coconut milk is made from the ground up flesh of a mature coconut. The coconut flesh is blended then strained to… Read More »
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Cookie Dough Body Scrub Recipe

What signifies winter more than a cozy home filled with the scent of fresh baked cookies? Tis the season for baking, and of course, tasting. Cookie dough is a well known holiday indulgent for those who are too eager to wait for the batch to come out of the oven. Our Cookie dough body scrub… Read More »
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Cosmetic Trends for 2020

Much like fashion, personal care trends change yearly, and as a personal care company, you should pay close attention to market fluctuations. Through extensive research, we have pin-pointed some key cosmetic trends we predict will do well in 2020. We’ll also provide links to our easy-to-customize bases that can fulfill the demand of these rising… Read More »