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$18.50 $679.00
Allantoin soothes and alleviates skin-irritations while it moisturizes and hydrates our skin.…

BV-OSC Vitamin C

$100.00 $1,395.00
BV-OSC is an active form of Vitamin C that improves collagen synthesis. This is a more stable form of Vitamin C that is easier to…


$57.00 $355.00
Eyeliss™ helps reduce puffiness by reducing fluid buildup beneath the eyes. Eyeliss™ can be added directly to a lotion base like our Aloe Gel Base to…

Hair Protection Complex

$24.50 $160.00
Our Hair Protection Complex is an extremely effective hair conditioner, especially in color treated hair. It uses advanced nanotechnology to penetrate the hair follicle where…

Matrixyl ® 3000

$44.00 $265.00
Matrixyl® 3000 is one of the most effective, proven anti-aging peptides. This is a must have ingredient for your face lotion and serum formulations.…


$55.00 $180.00
Phytantriol is an alcohol used in beauty products and cosmetics as an anti-caking agent, hair conditioning agent, skin-conditioning agent and humectant. It is primarily in…

Sepitonic M3.0

$30.00 $48.00
SEPITONIC™ M3.0 visibly improves skin texture and reduces deep wrinkles by increasing the oxygen immediately available to the skin.…