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Ceteareth-25 is a universal emulsifier to make oil in water emulsions. Compatible with all types of oils & active ingredients.




INCI Name: Ceteareth-25

Ceteareth-25 is a cosmetic grade, oil-in-water emulsifier used in the production of ointments, creams, liquid emulsions, gels and other similar products. It is a free-flowing, non-dusting, micro-granule white powder that dissolves in water and alcohol to form either a colloid or a clear solution. It’s HLB value 16.27 meaning that it gives oil-in-water emulsions.

Usage Rate: Typical use level 0.5 – 3%

Gel Hydrates: Use at up to 30% to make gel-like hydrates.

Essentials By Catalina is not responsible for product compatibility. We encourage everyone to sample prior to committing to larger quantities giving you a chance to test the product for product performance, compatibility and safety. Keep all product out of reach of children


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